Getting Started with the PAV Airtime App

Sell airtime, DSTV, data, electricity, OTT vouchers, and Easy Load vouchers on the PAV Airtime App, it’s easy-to-use and available for Android phones. With this app, you can effortlessly offer a range of services to your customers. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to get started with the PAV Airtime App and start boosting your business!

Step 1: Download the App

The first step to getting started with the PAV Airtime App is to download it to your Android phone. To do this, simply follow the link or URL provided for the app. Once you have downloaded it, follow the instructions below!

TAP HERE to download the app now.

Step 2: Grant Necessary Permissions

After installing the app, you’ll need to grant it the necessary permissions to ensure it functions properly. If not done, you won’t be able to install the app. Be sure to review and accept these permissions when prompted.

Step 3: Send a WhatsApp Message

Now that you have the app installed and permissions set up, it’s time to connect with the PAV team. Open WhatsApp on your phone and send a message to the following number: 073 421 7468. In the message, provide your name, surname, phone number, and your unique terminal ID number. This information will help PAV create your account and get you started.


CLICK HERE to send us a message on WhatsApp.

Step 4: Await Your Reference Number

Once PAV receives your message, they will create your account and reach out to you with a reference number. This reference number is important for account verification and future communications, so be sure to keep it handy.

Step 5: Deposit R100

To activate your PAV Airtime App account, you’ll need to make a deposit of R100. Once you’ve made the deposit, take a clear photo of the deposit slip or receipt. You’ll use this as proof of payment in the next step.
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Step 6: Send the Deposit Slip on WhatsApp

Send the photo of your deposit slip to the same WhatsApp number (073 421 7468). This step ensures that PAV can verify your deposit and link it to your account.

9 Ways to make it count infographic to increase efficiency

Step 7: Receive Your Password

With your deposit verified, PAV will send you your login password for the PAV Airtime App. Use this password to log in to the app and start offering airtime, DSTV, data, electricity, OTT vouchers, and Smart Load vouchers to your customers.

9 Ways to make it count infographic to increase efficiency

Congratulations! You are now ready to use the PAV Airtime App to provide a wide range of services and enhance your business. Remember to keep your reference number and login password safe, and you’ll be on your way to offering convenience and value to your customers.

With the PAV Airtime App, you can streamline your sales processes and offer a variety of essential services with ease. Don’t wait—download the app and start selling now!