Say goodbye to multiple apps and hello to ultimate convenience! The PAV Airtime App is here to simplify your life. It’s your one-stop app for managing all your essential top-ups and subscriptions in a single, user-friendly platform.

Here’s how the PAV Airtime App empowers you:

  • Never Run Out of Talk Time: Top up your phone with airtime in an instant , ensuring you’re always connected with friends, family, customers  and colleagues.
  • Data & Voice Bundles Made Easy: Find the perfect data and voice bundle that fits your needs. Stay connected, browse, and chat without worrying about running out of data or minutes.
  • Power at Your Fingertips: Keep the lights on and devices charged with the ability to conveniently purchase electricity tokens anytime, anywhere.
  • Streamlined OTT : Pay, play, and top up your accounts online using the OTT voucher with a wide range of merchant partners and ranging from streaming, online education tools and many more.
  • Never Miss a DSTV Moment: Stay on top of the latest shows, movies, and sports with effortless DSTV subscription purchases within the App.

The PAV Airtime App makes managing your digital life a breeze. Download it today and experience the convenience!