Make it Count – Now Launching

It is with great excitement that PAV Telecoms would like to announce that the Make It Count campaign has been launched! The campaign is designed around ensuring our agents achieve their best possible results. PAV will accomplish this by encouraging the use of the helpful tools that are available to the agents through the website and mobile app.

How to find the correct sim card for the correct customer?

PAV agents have a goal that comes before all others: to get the correct SIM card into the correct customers’ hands. “How do I get the correct SIM card in the correct customer’s hand?” you may ask. Follow the steps below to find out!

Step 1

Finding the correct sim

The correct SIM for a customer is the one that meets their needs. To provide the correct SIM, agents must discover the customers’ needs. These simple questions can be asked to find out what they are:
Do you have a preferred network based on the coverage in your area?

What type of cell phone do you use?

Do you primarily use your cell phone for calls or data?

Step 2

How do you find the latest network offerings?

My PAV app
Now that the customer has answered, you have the necessary information to recommend the correct product and services. But there are so many network offerings that it might not be such a straightforward process.
Thankfully, PAV has made it simple for you by providing everything you need at your fingertips. Information for all networks can be found on the MyPAV app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, we highly recommend it! Don’t forget to visit the website where you can find many helpful guides, along with 9 ways to Make It Count! Using these resources available to you will ensure you help your customer as best you can.
Step 3

Load Airtime

So, you have given your customer the correct SIM card. The best thing to do now is to help them load airtime. By helping them, you are making sure that the correct products and services are being loaded according to their needs.
By following these steps, you have maximised the chances of your PAV Telecoms SIM card being activated. These steps ensure you have given the SIM every opportunity to do so! The more PAV SIM cards that you activate, the more promo support you can earn. With increased activations and promo support, comes the opportunity to increase the rewards that you can earn. The MyPAV app allows you to register for the PAV Telecoms Rewards. Register now and earn rewards!
PAV Agent helping a customer load airtime

What Now?

Use the resources and information that you have been given to get the correct SIM in the hand of the correct customer. This will make sure more people activate their PAV SIM cards and the more activations you get, the more rewards you earn. Take it from Victor Sithole, he is one of PAV’s highest performing agents. Find out he how became so successful with SIM card activations. You now have everything you need to become a top performing agent, make it count!
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