Israel’s Life Changed – He Explains How he Made It Count

Israel Vure’s life changed for the better over the last four years after becoming a PAV agent. Since then, he has learned what it takes to belong and become a great Rica Agent. He is now 32 years old and enjoys fishing as well as watching his favourite football team, Kaiser Chiefs. Israel looks up to the former Kaiser Chiefs footballer, Bernard Parker because of the star’s humbleness as well as his skill on the field.

Israel became a Rica agent in 2019 after meeting Mecky in the Western Cape, who happened to be working for PAV Telecoms as an agent. Mecky explained to Israel that he could make money by registering PAV SIM cards. Over time, Israel adopted PAVs core values and truly believes in what he does; “Belong Become”.

Within the few short years since he joined, Israel’s life has changed more than he could have hoped. He is proud to say that he manages to put food on the table, pay rent and take care of the homeless within his community. Giving back to his community is important to him. By becoming a PAV Rica agent, he believes he has uplifted himself and as a result, has also uplifted those around him.

Being hard working and independent, Israel believes the highlight of being a PAV agent is managing his own business. When asked what “belong become” means to him, Israel explained that he feels welcomed at PAV Telecoms and that he is part of one big family. He further said that he now feels successful and empowered as a result of reaching his targets and giving back to his community.

Israel is motivated by working hard and pushing himself to his limits. He is able to do this by finding real customers which increases his activations. A real customer will recharge their SIM card. He knows a real customer will keep using his SIM card. Find out other ways to increase activations.

Israel explained that his proudest accomplishment since joining PAV Telecoms was when he became the PAV ambassador of the Western Cape in 2020. He accomplished this by going over and above what was expected of him, working hard and increasing his SIM card activations.

PAV has changed Israel’s life. He believes that by becoming a PAV agent, he has gone from zero to hero. It is because of this; Israel is proud to be interviewed as one of PAV’s best performing agents as he explained that this is one of the greatest achievements in his life.

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