Make It Count

You have ONE SHOT. Make It Count! This is a reminder from PAV Telecoms for you to MAKE IT COUNT!  It’s all about understanding that every PAV SIM card is important. Understanding this will increase your activations. How? Find REAL customers. Then you will earn REAL rewards. What is a REAL customer and how do I earn REAL rewards? Let’s start with REAL customers.

REAL Customers

Finding a REAL customer is how you activate more SIM cards. More activations equals REAL Rewards and more Promo Support. Real customers are the people who will USE and RECHARGE your PAV SIM card.

REAL Rewards & Promo Support

Real customers recharge and activate your PAV SIM card. REAL customers mean REAL rewards. With real customers, you ACTIVATE more. Activate more to increase your rewards and promo support every month.



My PAV App

The My PAV App is a useful tool for any PAV Agent. Download and register on the My PAV App to stay up to date with your status level. Order SIM cards, check your activations, RICA & connections, play games, view guides, and discover more value on the app!

On the Google Play Store.

On the Apple App Store.

Remember, you have ONE SHOT. MAKE IT COUNT!


9 Ways to make it count infographic to increase efficiency