Why Should I Be A PAV Agent?

Becoming a PAV agent opens a world of opportunity. Being able to manage yourself as an entrepreneur with the support structure that PAV Telecoms offers gives you the chance to grow. As an agent, you have the opportunity to earn promo support every month. The more activations you make, the more you earn.


People often find out about PAV Agents and their success from social media, but most of the time a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend has suddenly started doing well and they want in on the action! There are a couple of ways to get in on it:

Over The Phone

You can call PAV customer care and explain that you would like to become an agent. To get started, call 076 092 5983 to request a “please call me”, get in contact with the call centre on 060 569 4327. Or phone support on 073 421 7468. Customer care will ask you a few questions and afterwards you will need to submit 3 photos:

  • Your ID or passport
  • A photo of your face with your ID
  • Proof of address
Once this is complete, you will receive a message. Congrats, you are now a PAV Agent! But wait, there’s more. Before you go out handing SIM cards, you need to be trained on network usage rates, who, and how to distribute your allocated SIM cards.

Once again, PAV Telecoms will call you. A consultant will go through a bunch of topics to teach you the ins and outs of being a PAV Agent. The following will be covered to help prepare you:

  • Network usage rules
  • Promo support
  • How to RICA
  • PAV Apps and website
  • How to find a REAL customer

At A PAV Place

The process at a PAV Place is similar to over the phone but you can build a face-to-face relationship with operators and agents. This is where you will collect your SIM cards every month. Find your closest PAV Place and ask to become an agent. The operator is the person in charge and manages the branch. They will also be the one to train you and make you look the part!

I’m a PAV Agent – Now What?

Now it’s time to “Make It Count”! You can read about it in detail here or go over the 9 Ways to Make It Count infographic. Making it count simply means making every SIM card you distribute matter. You have to make sure that you give SIM cards to real customers who will recharge and continue using their PAV SIM cards.

Order SIM cards and stay updated with your status level and promo support when you register on the My PAV App! Discover features that will help you activate more! The My PAV App is a very important tool that helps you in your journey as a PAV Agent. Download the My PAV App now:

On the Google Play Store.

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9 Ways to make it count infographic to increase efficiency